February 18, 2018

  Registration Until August 31, 2017 22,00 €
  Registration Until October 31, 2017 30,00 €
  Registration Until December 31, 2017 35,00 €
  Registration Until January 31, 2018 40,00 €

Half Marathon: 21.095 km

Please note a 5% online registration processing fee will be added at checkout. The registration fees are non-refundable, and entries are not transferable to another individual, city, or year.



  • Technical T-Shirt 
  • Bib number 
  • Supplies with water, fruits and isotonic beverage
  • Insurance of the event
  • Fruits after the race
  • Certificate and results online
  • Medal of Participation
  • Recovering area with massages
  • Wardrobe in start and finish area
  • Photos and video finish
  • RACE START: 07:00am Starts and finish at Vallarta Avenue and passes through important points and avenues of the city, such as Chapultepec Avenue, Niños heroes roundabout, Arcos del Milenio, Matute Remus Bridge and Minerva roundabout .

  • CUT-OFF TIME: To ensure that the streets will be reopened to traffic in the following, the time limit to complete the marathon is 3:30 hours. This limit will be strictly enforced. Participants must keep a pace that meets the arrival time running or walking. It starts when the last participant has crossed the starting line.
  • CANCELLATIONS: Each entry is considered to be non-transferable and final and implies full acceptance of the rules. No refund will be made for any reason whatsoever. No transfer of registration is allowed, sub any reason. Anyone retroceding his bib to a third party be liable in case of accident or caused by the third party during the competition. The organization is exempt from any liability in case of accident in this kind of situation. There will be no bibs mailed.
  • - Absolutely no bib numbers will be available for pick up on race day, Sunday, February 18. YOUR BIB NUMBER PICK-UP CARD AND A PHOTO I.D. ARE REQUIRED TO PICK UP YOUR BIB NUMBER! Complete instructions, safety pins, will be enclosed with your bib number.




    As per the International rules. On the course race you will have water, isotonic drinks, fruits, vaseline, sponges and showers from the km 3 and then every 2,5 km and after the Finish Line. Medical assistence will be provided at the start in the race course and the finish. There will be a special tent for massages post race.


    The seeded corrals at the 2018 Guadalajara Half Marathon are comprised of the fastest runners based on previous marathon finishing times HALF MARATHON 21.195 km.

    Entry to assigned areas will be from 06:00 to 07:00 hours.

    - Zone 2. Athletes ranked: Athletes that are in the ranking of the I.A.A.F. and the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 rankings of the F.M.A.A. as well as those national and foreign athletes, endorsed by the Athletics Federation of their country of origin and authorized by the FMAA, in the women's branch with a time equal to or less than 01:24:00 and in men equal or less than 01:08:00

    - Zone 3. Registered athletes with a range of time to perform the marathon until 01:35 hours.
    - Zone 4. Athletes registered with a time range to perform the marathon from 01:36 to 01:45 hours.
    - Zone 5. Registered athletes with a time range to perform the marathon from 01:46 to 01:55 hours.
    - Zone 6. Registered athletes with a time range to perform the marathon from 01:56 to 02:15 hours.
    - Zone 7. Registered athletes with a time range to perform the marathon from 02:16 to 03:30 hours.

    Winners symbolic presentation.

    An award and the special medal will be awarded to the first three general places, upon arrival of the third place of both branches, in the assigned area after the finish line, near the Arcos de Vallarta. General Awards. It will be held at the Glorieta Minerva, an area where Vallarta (south) and López Mateos (east) converge, the day of the event, starting at 11:30 am, for all categories in both branches, according to the validation and ratification of the official results (what happens after the 30 (thirty) minutes established by the IAAF's current competition rules for receiving protests from the time of each published result, except for the TEN WINNERS GENERAL, women's and men's.


    A fiesta like no other. Join us.